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We can work together to bring about amazing transformations.

  • For Weightloss, Performance, Wellbeing. Personalised nutritional programs using world leading Herbalife Nutritional products to get you results.

  • Join us for our 21 Day Shake Challenge and start your personal wellness transformation. What would your goal be? Weightloss, energy, vitality and wellbeing.

About Us

Graham and Claire Smedley Independent Herbalife Members

  • Graham Smedley

    Ultra Endurance Athlete & Herbalife Coach

  • Claire Smedley

    Ultra Runner, Nutritionist, Herbalife Coach

  • We are Graham and Claire Smedley.  We have been using the Herbalife products for our own weight, health and performance for over 16 years now.  We used to think we ate well an exercised but on starting our own Herbalife programs, initially for weight loss we quickly lost over 50lbs between us and have not looked back since.