20/1 – Like starting over


After a week of doing nothing but an easy swim and an easy run my first week of the 20 into the Deca has my body feeling like it has never exercised before.  We often tell people that if they find it hard to get started, stop stopping!  A test on the turbo shows me that I have problems with my breathing still at the high end of my efforts leading me to think I may have to second guess the TrainerRoad plan a bit although Coach Chad responded to my question saying it is just overall fitness.  I’m not sure although it is true that I’m able to push with my run training.  This week saw me run all 7 days of the 3:00 marathon program.  Wednesday was the big one with 6 min mile intervals. It left me feeling destroyed for a while but – ah! the joy of fantastic nutrition.

At the weekend we went over to the Camper-van show at Newbury to order some insulation screens for the van so we can be comfortable in the van for 10 nights, I just hope I’m going to be quick enough to get time to enjoy them!

All in all it was a good training week, I ended it feeling tired but a little stronger.  All I need to do is finish each of the next 19 weeks feeling tired but a little stronger and I should be in a good place to give the DECAUK a go.

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