I’m exhausted!  I’ve had to back off or finish early so many turbo sessions lately ending up this Saturday just gone with only managing 20 mins of my 2nd 2 1/2 hour due to an erratic, and a little scary heart rate.  I ended up not doing my little 3 mile run either.  The rest of the weekend went slightly better though, struggling round 5 laps of the lake in 1:18 and then completing a 20 mile run with no problems.  Mainly down to the promise of a recovery week.  My run miles are almost halved this week, but not the speed. My turbo sessions will be shorter and turned down.  Only swimming will remain the same, or a little longer as I have signed up to a higher target with Swimbox for August.

Whilst I understand that growth comes from putting yourself under pressure and then recovering and going again I am starting to worry that I may be slightly on the wrong side of the fine line between over and under training. We will have to see how it goes over the next 7-8 weeks before we head into full blown taper.

Sorry to hear that Clive will not be able to make the start line, I hope you recover quickly.  For the rest of us we are heading into the final stretch – apart from TC who has at least 1 Ironman and the worlds hardest Triple to do before coming along to kick our backsides.

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