A weak week

My weeks now start on a Monday, whatever happened to Mondays off in the 3:30 program? I chose to run in the morning so I’d have plenty of time to force myself to do TRX in the evening – building a little strength, especially core strength, has to be a new focus for me in the build up to the Deca. As it was, the TRX did not hurt as much as the previous week so that was progress although that is where my progress for the week ended – on Monday evening. I had a very good interval set on the treadmill on Wednesday morning but after a hard ride Tuesday morning followed in the evening by a swim and a run home from dog walking, I forgot to take my Restore at bed time – rookie error!! The intervals were hard at 6 min mile pace and I could not hold them after the first few. But it was still a great workout. Having not had the Restore, Thursday mornings turbo is where my chest and breathing got the better of me. You know you are in trouble when you don’t get through the warmup! An hours workout was shortened to just 16 minutes – and that was all I managed for the week. I took Claire’s advice and had a rest over the weekend. Not the best way to be launching the final run towards the Deca but better to ease off now and recover that steam on and breakdown. I looked up burnout and it seemed I did have a lot of the signs including depression and dread of the harder workouts. I’m hoping that it is more to do with stress I’ve been feeling at work than the exercise, one thing I know for sure though is that without the exercise and the Deca as a goal I’d be in a much worse state!!

If you are feeling stressed and or depressed I’d wholeheartedly recommend a run!

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