Author: graham

A weak week

My weeks now start on a Monday, whatever happened to Mondays off in the 3:30 program? I chose to run in the morning so I’d have plenty of time to

20/1 – Like starting over

  After a week of doing nothing but an easy swim and an easy run my first week of the 20 into the Deca has my body feeling like it

And so it begins

Whilst the last 6 months has all been about the Deca it is only this morning that the Deca training really begins, with a 3 mile run! Nothing else is

Enduroman 2017 2×1 – The Year of the Goose

You can’t know true happiness until you’ve felt true pain.   This year was a little different for me for a couple of reasons. Firstly Enduroman, for once, was not

My TP100 – a Perfect Failure

I just spent about an hour writing a race report only to inadvertently press a button that deleted it all in such a way that no amount of undo hitting