Author: graham

Great looking new kit

Our DECAUK kit has arrived from It looks and feels great, I will do a review of it soon once I’ve had chance to wear if a few times.

Perspective – make everyday count

January saw my first fall from my training plan.  Everything was going well and my FTP test was my best ever!  I had continued to swim, even breaking the ice

Bike Base Completed – and Relativity!

3 weeks after starting my initial 18 week run program, on Oct 25th, I started the TrainerRoad Full Distance Tri Base program.  I’ve managed to complete every ride on the


Friends who have done Landmark will understand the meaning of the word “decide”, how it kills off choice. After a particularly bad day in my head at work the other

Just Brutal – The Double

I’ve wanted to try the Brutal for a few years but never had the feet or bottle for it.  This year I decided to go for it with the Double.