Bike Base Completed – and Relativity!

3 weeks after starting my initial 18 week run program, on Oct 25th, I started the TrainerRoad Full Distance Tri Base program.  I’ve managed to complete every ride on the schedule, even with Christmas and sniffles.  Last year I did the Traditional Base, the Triathlon Base and Build were not available at the time.  The extended Traditional Base, at 18 weeks, was a lot of long and low effort rides over 5/6 days a week leaving not much time for anything else.  The Triathlon program allows more time for running and swimming so is only 4 days a week, and for the most part the rides are shorter.  But there is a kicker – they have seemed a lot harder!  Friday became a day that I really started to fear with my introduction to VO2 Max workouts.  Whilst I struggled through initially I was knocking my FTP upwards.  When I found myself facing 3 minute 120% repeats I reached my limit.  I’d notice before TrainerRoad tells you that the pain gets to a level and then goes no further.  It reaches its hight for me at about 1:30-45 and although I know it is not going any higher I eventually crash due to my inability to get enough oxygen in.  Years of poor posture and shallow breathing that needs to be addressed.  These workouts, as well as improving my heart, lungs, and legs, also led me to a new understanding of relativity.  When l set off on a 3 minute VO2 Max interval I put my head down and work away for what seems like forever.  I try to not look up to the timer for at least a minute and would like it to be 2. Head down work, legs starting to hurt, breathing as deeply as I can, pain growing to a point where it won’t go higher; don’t look up yet, don’t look up yet.  I eventually look up, I’ve been going for 30 seconds – 2:30 to go – oh sh!t! – I’ve got 6 more of these to do!!!! By comparison the 3 minute rest valleys go by in a moment – two periods of exactly 3 minutes, one relatively longer than the other!!

My initial FTP was only at 232 (I had been at 272 at my peak last year) but as I’ve built my stamina back up I moved the FTP up each week to have it eventually at 260.  Now that I’ve finished all 12 weeks it is time to retest so will be interesting to see where I am now at. The good news for my Fridays is that on the Build program the Friday ride is an easy one leading into Saturday’s long ride.  But look out Tuesdays – VO2 Max is looking for you.

As always my nutrition is on point.  Every effort is followed by appropriate Recovery.  Herbalife Recovery shakes, Restore tablets and, after the long ones and where there is time, a magnesium bath.  The point of training is to break you down.  Nutrition needs to build you back up again so you can do it again, and again – handy with  Deca in my future.


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