A Recovery Week, of sorts!

I’m exhausted!  I’ve had to back off or finish early so many turbo sessions lately ending up this Saturday just gone with only managing 20 mins of my 2nd 2

So far, yet so near

We have crossed the 12 week boundary, just 3 months to go. I say just but that is a lot of weeks still to train. Plenty of time to completely

Back on my hamster wheel

After a little over a week of running out doors our replacement treadmill was delivered into our newly painted garage.  Claire had had a busy 4 days clearing, painting, and

Death of a Treadmill

You know what it’s like, it’s early in the morning and you are on the edge of exhaustion.  You’re into the last of the 10 mph intervals and you’re going

Crisis of Confidence

Training for something bigger that you can possibly imagine yourself finishing, whether that’s a 5k run or a Deca Ultra Triathlon, means you will swing in and out of positivity.