Olympics Start – training falters!

What a great week with the start of the Olympics, lots of sport to watch on TV.  Going to have to be strict in order to keep up my own

Week 4 Holiday

Not much to report other than a 2 hour walk along a pebble beach – great for the butt cheeks! Run Plan 33 Actual 0 Really did not plan to

Week 3 and a Herbalife Training Event

I knew training would be thrown out this week as I had a Herbalife Training Event at the Heretage Motor Museum on Saturday. Everything else went to plan though until

Need help getting out of bed early enough to train?

This is great for me, when my alarm goes off this goes through my mind!  I guess not everyone gets worked up by this sort of stuff, Claire doesn’t.  I

Summer Training!

So far I have been on my bike 6 times in July and i have not had a dry ride yet! A great second week although I was tired at