Back to Work

Okay, week one of the new plan.  The first two weeks post the 100 mile run were just about recovery and a few light jogs and biking to work.  Need

Training Plan

So every week I need to write up my training report and put out next weeks plan.  Don’t expect anyone to read it but because they can I know it

Enduroman 100

I ran 100 miles in 27 Hours 20 Minutes and 46 seconds! Okay quick report on a long day/night/day! Having done the Oner a couple of months before, and building


Claire and I are now run training with our Vibram Five Fingers.  She has already done a few 4 milers in them whereas I am a little behind as I

Final Week of Training

Into the final week of full on training for the Enduroman 100 mile ultra.  Knee painful so keeping runs to 10 miles and heading out every day.  The week ended