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20/1 – Like starting over

  After a week of doing nothing but an easy swim and an easy run my first week of the 20 into the Deca has my body feeling like it

My TP100 – a Perfect Failure

I just spent about an hour writing a race report only to inadvertently press a button that deleted it all in such a way that no amount of undo hitting

Great looking new kit

Our DECAUK kit has arrived from It looks and feels great, I will do a review of it soon once I’ve had chance to wear if a few times.

Perspective – make everyday count

January saw my first fall from my training plan.  Everything was going well and my FTP test was my best ever!  I had continued to swim, even breaking the ice


Friends who have done Landmark will understand the meaning of the word “decide”, how it kills off choice. After a particularly bad day in my head at work the other