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Enduroman Triple Champion – 2016! Really!!

After 60 hours 3 minutes and 4 seconds of the 2014 Enduroman Triple I fell asleep, having just crossed the finish line. I was 3 minutes and 4 seconds over

It’s here! The Enduroman Weekend

So excited to get down to the New Forest for the Enduroman Festival of Ultra. Live results can be found here. Never had this kind of anticipation, not about can

In the Press!!

How cool is this? Thanks to Lara at the company who works with Herbalife’s press inserts I am featured in the June edition of Cycling Plus. Hot on the heels

The Oner

Having tried twice before I really wanted to complete the Oner this year!  To that end I started a training program back in Sep which built up to some 30