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Back on my hamster wheel

After a little over a week of running out doors our replacement treadmill was delivered into our newly painted garage.  Claire had had a busy 4 days clearing, painting, and

Death of a Treadmill

You know what it’s like, it’s early in the morning and you are on the edge of exhaustion. ¬†You’re into the last of the 10 mph intervals and you’re going

A weak week

My weeks now start on a Monday, whatever happened to Mondays off in the 3:30 program? I chose to run in the morning so I’d have plenty of time to

And so it begins

Whilst the last 6 months has all been about the Deca it is only this morning that the Deca training really begins, with a 3 mile run! Nothing else is

My TP100 – a Perfect Failure

I just spent about an hour writing a race report only to inadvertently press a button that deleted it all in such a way that no amount of undo hitting