You know what it’s like, it’s early in the morning and you are on the edge of exhaustion.  You’re into the last of the 10 mph intervals and you’re going well. You reach forward for your drink and the treadmill starts to bounce and buck. You move back quickly into the centre but not quickly enough and hear a loud bang followed by screaming like a 747 throwing a fan belt!


I quickly turned off the machine and went to check my underpants!!  A look under the machine shows a violently thrown belt and a very loose roller.  We’ve had this machine replaced once already and the new one repaired after problems with excessive and violent movement. The engineer did tell us that there were some possible issues with this design and running fast.  To be fair to Nordictrack they have acted quickly and are going to replace the machine with a more robust model, so we will lose the ability to go to 40 degrees but we will be much happier having a commercial machine that can handle the speed and volume of training.

Of course it’s easy enough to just switch to outside running so I got all the weeks runs done with almost the right distances and speeds.


I managed a week of sweet spot riding and did three short lake swims so all in all a good training week.


Mentally it was better as well, we were able to order some things to help with the Deca training so sports related retail therapy came in handy.  We also got the new covers for the van pop top.  We were able to try them out whilst at the Tri Ferris Ladies Only Tri at the weekend and they fitted great.


We always enjoy the Ladies only Tri, such a nicer atmosphere than when the testosterone fueled men are there.  It’s a great mix of some really top class athletes to ladies doing it on their shopping bikes having never entered anything before. Everyone gets treated equally, and the leaders don’t barge past like the men do when lapping back markers – very nice.  We have been going to Tri Ferris events for about 10 years now doing body composition analysis and offering advice on nutrition and how Herbalife programs can help.  It’s a lot of fun and we are looking forward to the big one there in September.


Next week is all about my breathing.

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