My TP100 – a Perfect Failure

I just spent about an hour writing a race report only to inadvertently press a button that deleted it all in such a way that no amount of undo hitting would bring it back – so this will be short.

My goal was to run 100 miles in under 24 hours (3:20 under my PB)
I had a cold the week before to back up the flu like symptoms I’d had in Feb which has seen my resting heart rate rise by almost 50% (Something I’ve just noticed looking at my Garmin stats)


CP2 at 22 miles, happy at 10:47 average pace

I had a training and pacing plan that would allow me to run well within myself and it was a plan I was able to stick to easily up to the 51 mile CP at Henley.  Just prior to Henley I start to have difficulty with my breathing but still got into Henley after only 10 hours 5.


It was great to see Jason Bramley at the CP, he was pacing his friend Mel to the finish – which they did in just under 23 hours :-).  I headed out of the CP just a few minutes after them but quickly found myself in trouble with my breathing.  I tried a number of different clothing options as I was overheating every time I tried to run and was getting out of breath almost immediately.  Pretty soon I had made the decision to call Claire to let her know that I would not be able to go for the 24 hours.  I still hoped to do it but did not want the stress of having people expecting me to be going for it.  I walked on as fast as I could but was finding I was going slower and slower until I was doing 20+ miles and still having to stop every few minutes to catch my breath.  I no longer though I would be able to go under 24 but still hoped to recover for a PB.  But after about 30 minutes of calling Claire I realised that it might be considered sensible to stop, I was a bit annoyed with myself and was feeling a little emotional so texted her to let her know I would be pulling out at Reading and getting the broom wagon to the finish so she could pick me up in the morning.  But she called me back and said she would come out to get me, Reading was an indoor aid station so I would not get cold waiting for her to drive from Swindon.  As it turned out she got there just before I covered those last 3 miles and I shuffled into the CP to pull out.  That last 3 miles was slow going with lots of shuffling and feeling sorry for myself.  At one point I stumbled towards the river and wouldn’t have cared!  I was cheered up by the comedy moment when I stepped out of the path to let someone through and walked into a huge tree that I hadn’t seen.  Everyone who went past me, and there were lots, asked if I was okay.  I said yes as I knew they would all stop to help if I’d said anything else.  The crew at Reading, as all the crew I’d met along the way, were fantastic – it seems to be a thing with Centurion 🙂 – I am probably the most unfriendly crew member they allow!

So I failed, I failed to run 100 miles in under 24 and failed to go 100 miles.  But it was a perfect failure.  It maybe that at 53 I might not be able to run 100 miles under 24 hours – but I think I will try again.  I was doing the run as a training with the Deca in mind, aiming to go into the following weekends Enduroman Double very very tired.

It’s now Bank Holiday Monday and I still can’t take a full breath but everything else feels okay so now I will go into Enduroman a little less tired but a little more trained thanks to our fantastic nutritional recovery products, so – as long as I can breathe!

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