Perspective – make everyday count

January saw my first fall from my training plan.  Everything was going well and my FTP test was my best ever!  I had continued to swim, even breaking the ice for a brief dip when the lake froze over.  But then a great day in Birmingham at the Nationwide Big Event saw me coming home with the shivers.  I had to take two days off work laid up in bed – I think that’s the first time I’ve ever had to have two days off!  I couldn’t train for the rest of the week as I still felt so cold and achey .  The following week I picked up where I left off.  The Tuesday TrainerRoad session was a VO2 Max workout so I knew I was in trouble.  I almost made it to the end of the first of nine 3 minute intervals but had to turn down the power by 10% to get through the rest.  Then on Thursday, after a hard run in the morning, I crashed and burned – simply could not breath.  My chest is still a little tight after the week off so I was pleased that the rest of the week’s rides were much gentler.  The pool was open again so I had a good set in the Pool For Training working on my breathing and I’m looking forward to the lake again now the ice is gone.


Today I got some amazing news about the kit I will be wearing for the Deca with someone incredible offering to help with sponsorship – more news to follow.  But then, within 5 minutes of that happening, we heard that our dear friend Roy had lost his fight with cancer.  Although we knew it would come it was a great shock and our thoughts and hearts go out to his wonderful wife Liza and their amazing kids.  Roy was a man with no equal in my eyes when it came to living life to the max with an incredible “can do” attitude.  We have watched in awe over the last year or so as he has crammed in several lifetimes worth of memories for the kids to enjoy for the rest of their lives – always with a wonderful smile on his face.

Whilst incredibly sad, I am also inspired to do all I can in the future to live my life to the full, thank you Roy.


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