We have crossed the 12 week boundary, just 3 months to go. I say just but that is a lot of weeks still to train. Plenty of time to completely change levels of fitness in a positive or negative way!  In many ways I wish we could do it already. I feel okay, and it is more important to feel okay at the start than it is to be a little fitter than I am right now.  Pushing really hard could increase fitness by more than a little but could also lead to being not okay that’s the dilemma and why I wish we were at the event already and the choice was taken out of my hands.  Push on I think, I could just as easily hurt myself being over careful and to date my training plans have been kind to any old injuries.  I have notice a bit of pain action returning to my right foot. I was able to do my 16 mile long run with it yesterday but the last mile was uncomfortable.  Was it because I hadn’t done my toe work as much last week or have my shoes gone over the edge. If it’s shoes I’m in luck as Liam, from Run Swindon, has provided me a new pair to crack on with. They are BRIGHT orange and he left them in the back on my van at the lake on Sunday. Luckily  the chap on the gate spotted them as I was driving out as I had somehow not noticed them when coming out of the lake!  Anyway, thanks to Liam I can get them run in and onto the longer runs.

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